About Us

We help Companies grow their bottom line profit. By developing systems customized for your business that attract more high value clients and customers more often; resulting in more sales.

Our goal is to cut advertising and marketing expenses by using  the most cost effective tools. By staying results focused; profit growth can be realized and delivered on a regular basis.

We also are licensed Apple IOS developers and are creating applications for small businesses that are easy to use and have a low price point.

Web Marketing Partners has a team of experienced professionals that work on all aspects of business growth and development to build authority and dominance in the client’s market.We use tools such as content creation, web videos, pod casting, and more.



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About our managing partner; M.J. Curtiss

M.J. Started her online marketing career in 1997 with a small family company in Massachusetts. She soon found that to create an  online presence was very difficult and costly for a small business. Learning HTML web programing language and website design structure was not some thing small businesses had the time or money to do and paying others was too expensive.

In 2003 M.J. created website that would offer free information ,resources and tools for small businesses and start ups who wanted to start marketing their business online. From this small effort a consulting business for other businesses was born.

In 2007 having watched the development and distribution of online video and what was to become “web video” a new genre M. J. took part in the immersion/ creation process that the genre founder Micheal Rosenblum was conducting with The Travel Channel producers. The new method of presenting stories using small HD video cameras was now becoming recognized by larger and older media entities. Webvideoadz an independent production company was formed. To create on demand specialty web videos. The company created videos for a number of larger media outlets, such as; the Travel Channel, XLNT advertising and Turnhere.

In 2009 webvideoadz merged into the existing marketing firm , webmarketingpartners, adding another layer of experience to the consulting group.

Today the mission of the company is still the same as it was in 2003, to help businesses get more clients and customers more often by implementing systems and strategies customized to their business ,that will deliver the maximum ROI and growth to bottom line profits.