Text Marketing for Local Business

86% of Americans own a mobile phone.68.7 million are frequent mobile text users.83% of text messages are opened within one hour. 90% of marketing emails are not read. Mobile is no longer the exception it is the rule.

Mobile text as a service has been around for more than ten years and has been popularized by television. The program Survivor was one of the first television shows to ask viewers to vote for participants on a weekly basis for their performance in¬† the various tasks.American Idol and Dancing with the Stars began asking the viewers to actually pick the winners by sending mobile text messages to the program. More recently Direct TV has started to use mobile text to allow it’s subscribers to select a movie rental.

The reason mobile text is gaining popularity is because it is now so easy and simple to use. All someone has to do is send a text message to a number and they are immediately placed on the owners list of customers. It is permission based, meaning you may not send text messages to anyone with out allowing them to opt out immediately.

Perhaps the most significant part of the service is , instead of a business chasing customers it simply asks the customer or client to opt in to a list to receive special offers , information or other benefits. The customer is free to stop the service anytime and presumably  would only chose to opt in when it is something they want to receive.

The service can be run form a smart phone or from a computer and has calendar features so you can schedule messages ahead of time and also send immediate special offers anytime to your list. It is much easier than email marketing and much less labor intensive , as you are limited to a few lines of text. You can create a message in minutes and send it to your entire customer list or only a few.

If you would like to see this in action give us a call we would be happy to tell you more and show you how it works.